If Our President Was Hitler

We've been getting this kind of celebrity larping since the election:

'Depp asked a crowd in England on Thursday when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. He answered that it's "been a while, but maybe it's time." He later apologized.'

People who make threats make up a very small percentage of the people who actually end up killing someone. We've seen this over and over before. What we've also seen over and over is each wing turning the opposite wing running man into an antichrist. All Right wingers are Hitlers and all Left wingers are Stalins. Each Right winger is going to destroy the environment and and each Left winger is going to destroy the economy. This last election, the Left showed that they could exhaust their already stale and unimaginitive obsession with Hitler. A lot of it was posturing, certainly, but there's a reason the 'literally Hitler' meme took off: by putting 'literally' in front, they meant to convey that this time it was for real.

The thing I find saddest in all of this is that, if Trump was 'literally Hitler,' the Left are the absolute last people whose help I'd want to enlist to fight against him. Aside from one gunman who was simply acting the way Leftist gunmen do in the west--like a lone wolf wishing to kill a lot of people, no escape plan, hardly capable of performing a coup de tat--Leftists have shown just what they're willing to do to fight evil: memes, dick-jokes, clever tweets, scrutiny of every audible quibble, selfies of tearful faces, and let's not forget Antifa smashing up cars in blue states and blue cities in order to 'fight capitalism,' for that matter. How are people who don't believe in guns going to fight a Hitler? One could only conclude that they're all bluffing or just completely impotent in the face of despotism.

There is, however, that special political stone which goes ever unmentioned but is always being polished anew. The criticism of Trump that the Left do not come within ten miles of being capable of articulating is that Trump is, ultimately, just a face. He is just a face, because under him, despite a few nuggets of progress thrown out to make the Trumpites and Trumpetts happy, he is continuing the process advanced by the likes of Obama and the Clintons and Bush's. He is moblizing the same forces which only ever, at the end of the day, advance globalism. His 'America first' sentiments are full of too many globalist footnotes to take seriously. The worst that can be said about him is that he is, perhaps, the enemy the Left needs right now but is ultimately carrying on, business as usual with the unwritten policies of his predecessors, while he is the hero the Right needs in spite of this same fact.