Passages #36

'If you want it bad enough, you will find a way.
You can imagine, you can hope, long, or wish for something else, but your life, right now, is all you’ve got, so make it the best.
Whatever you do, I hope you begin to show your work, starting today.
Build momentum. Overcome your resistance brain and start expressing yourself boldly.
Once you commit to getting started, momentum carries you.
Producing results builds positive momentum.
With momentum you’ll get ahead and make progress much faster.
You’ll feel better about yourself once you’ve started. It gets easier after the first step.
Give yourself time in your life to wonder what is possible and to make even the slightest moves in that direction.
Even if you make slow steps. It’s better than not trying!
You have a finite amount of focus, time, and energy to offer the world, and it can never be reclaimed once it’s spent.
There’s no use in wasting your time lamenting the past or waiting too long to make a move because you are not ready.
Nobody will ever be ready.
Be yourself, loudly.'