Occult Politics V

It is a matter of indifference as to whether or not might is right. However, one has taken a great misstep if one assumes that might is simply physical strength. Might is also cunningness. Cunningness operates most thoroughly where there is a loud enough, bombastic enough theater to keep the audience watching.

The west has always been secular at heart. But the secular is not any true abrogation of the sacred; such is to be found within the bounds of religion in the realm of a certain set of sequential, theological evolutions. Rather, secularism hides its true divinity in the most uncanny of places, letting it percolate only through ideologies which are as self-perpetuating as they are contagious. Secularism denies itself the ritual equipment which would provide its own functional self-critique. In other words, it is actively deactivating, which can, in the end, only feed back into its opposite. Secularism is Manichean. Conspiracy theory is a hyper-extension of this secular Manichaeism, in which phenomena is not studied on its own terms, but rather, in which something akin to a wicked apostolic succession is traced in order to distinguish the world as belonging to the devil, thus re-sacralizing what is beyond the world. Conspiracy theory tries to reclaim the esoteric after the exoteric has been destroyed, but it uses so many disparate parts whose memes are entirely dependent on a good vs. evil scheme.