Occult Politics VII

Some will, perhaps, see it quite an unfortunate event that the mythic element of life should return in such a guise as occult politics but it is perhaps a necessary form for now. It embodies, not only a true metaphysical clash between the sacred and the secular which is not directly susceptible to the exoteric narrative of any one particular religious dogma, but presents a challenge to mankind to scale the mountain of gradation-but to scale the mountain, one must know where it is to begin with. It inspires in man a transcendent height to be reached, but also instills in him a concomitant immanence which is ever moved toward this plain, perhaps even closing an eschatological circle. Perhaps it is only an embracement of some dark Hegelianism on crack. 

But let's face it-more than all of this poetic/mythic dressing, it is a game, a sport, much in the way I described conspiracy theory. However, perhaps one can bring to this game a new level of rigor and precision, careful to leave alone that which will initiate some harm, while exploring those active features of the world which reoccur and repattern without visible explanation.


Far more than secret societies, occult political theory is interested in what secrets secret societies themselves cannot touch.