Voting For Samadhi

More than a few so called spiritual people have fallen prey to the seductive vocabulary of political zeitgeist. They believe that what takes hard personal work can be achieved through the implementation of state regulation and reallocation. What was the whole of the 1960's, if not emotional communism? Someone felt that they were not loved because someone else was loved. Likewise, someone felt they did not have a sexual life because someone else had a sexual life. The term 'free love' itself is pregnant with the implication that love must not cost anything at all. It would have been better had the quality of sex itself been heightened for a limited few, rather than the quantity of sex getting portioned out in higher frequency to everyone, but which was of little quality.

    When the sentiment of youth culture failed to take root in any spiritual soil, it settled for an appeal to the state, which was more than eager to grant culture its wishes in exchange for complete control over it. One is always paid for passivity with enslavement.

    Where a monist conception of the universe would imply that everything is one substance, birthed from one grounding principle,  political implementations of equality often take artificial value along with whatever signifies it and subject it to a moral bloodletting which extracts from it whatever can be of some use to those who are willing to steal their virtue. They achieve through revolution what yogis, sages and wise men sought throughout their lives. Equality is a spiritual principle turned into a commodity by way of linear application; an end taken for granted and turned into a means.