The Deepest State

One would do best to apply Occam's Razor to the idea of conspiracy and the deep state. But in doing so, one should keep in mind that complexity is often very simple and simplicity is, paradoxically, quite complex. What do all the various cabals, cartels, secret societies, gangs, corporations, mobs, foundations, banks and cabinets have as their ultimate goal if they are not what they seem? To the degree that they are working counter to the interests of the people they claim to serve, how much of their folly and falsehood is actually discoverable?

    The answer may be answered, first, with another question. What lies behind motivation itself? Which of our actions can be explained by us and which of them reach beyond our own understanding? If one wants to know what lies at the top of the pyramid, so to speak, one need not search much further than whatever mechanism allows so many disparate sovereignties to have any kind of interface. Whether it is divine right of kings, a regal imprint hidden in the shadows or a synarchy of simple common elite interest, one thing is being appealed to in each case, and perhaps only one thing at once. But behind each mind and behind the volition of each mind, there are passions and inclinations guided entirely by a mind of the nocturne; a quiet space which is formed and informed by impersonal movement itself. The deepest  state of all lives within us. To the degree that any hidden state could be more dangerous than another is the degree to which we do not keep watch over the witching hour of our own souls. The state within is deeper than any other, and the closer we get to unpealing its layers, the less vulnerable we are to the layer of our world which would hope to enslave us.

    There has only ever been one real enemy and such has been the point of all true spiritual wisdom since time immemorial. The enemy is within.