We do not know what we're capable of until we've pushed ourselves to go as far as we can. A few things are needed on this journey. One needs rest which goes beyond sleep. One needs a sense of inner calm that cannot be perturbed by the fleeting stimuli which sap us of our energy on an hourly basis. One must stop feeding those feelings which keep one atrophied in the face of all agency.

   All people are equipped with varying degrees of agency, and one can only scale this gradation if one finds the proper means to measure it. One must be familiar with the highest level of humility; the ability to humbly notice one's own potential and to never apologize for it, and on the other hand, the ability to let absolutely everything go, to offer up everything as a sacrifice to what is good in life. Call it God, call it transcendance, the Self, Life or simply goodness, it's not so important. One gives the ground of being different names, but it is essential one recognize the hidden nature of that designation, the center which remains and never changes; that on which one can build the alter of one's highest hopes. One familiarizes oneself with what is still, with what is silent, and one doesn't escape the world, rather one realizes that the world itself is the only escape; all matter, all fire, all the elements and all motion a celebration of the ultimate agency responsible for all: that which cannot be moved. That which is responsible for everything before it, for it is the essential connection and ground of everything in existence.

   This is why the divine is often personified as 'Father' and 'Mother.' It is the original from which a whole scale was thrown out ahead of itself and which always, by its nature, retrieves all back unto itself. Evil is unnatural resistance to this eternal tide. Good is submission to its ebb and flow; one's commitment to completion itself.

   Those who believe in completion believe in attaining the highest degree of agency, which is ultimately self mastery. One cannot know where it ends because one can always go beyond. One is greatly mistaken when one reifies some negative feature of the beyond. One calls 'God' or 'Will' something of which they are ever in need. They idolize their own privation; they divinize lack. Rather, the ground, though still, is dynamic, and is only recognized in its essential nature in the midst of an eternal transaction. We are always in motion, and must turn the space of possibility itself into an acknowledgement of what is still. We must access the strength beyond strength known to men; the strength of identification with that which does not tire because it is always at rest, that which does not fear because it is always cautious and ever watchful, that which does not fail because it  itself is the game.

   Those who fail to make this transaction, to make this leap, to familiarize themselves with this highest good, will fall for each and every false promise which convinces them that the idol of lack and privation can be satisfied by an object in this world. Looking for solid objects to make them happy like toys, they fall apart with the object. Those who are objectless, on the other hand, learn to speak the language of the universe. They discover their essential nature which is our birthright. They dance with the divine and are swept up into the beyond, with no need for fulfillment because they have found the key to make dynamism itself and endless chain of fulfillment; a beginning ever satisfied from the outset by its end and an end ever anticiptating the beginning of which it is only a seed.