First Short Story Since 2015

I'm almost finished with a short story I haven't been able to bring myself to finish for two years now. The last one I wrote, Quiet, came out in 2015.

I've had many reasons for taking so long, though I don't know how many of them are good reasons. For one, since I revamped this website last year, I've been putting more time into this blog. I've also been busy trying to keep some of the more worthy content from this site going in The Burning Block magazine. But I look forward to showing people this story. It's more of a dark, moody kind of story. I imagine it wouldn't be out of place in a collection alongside Quiet, among others I have planned for the future, but one can expect the ebook relatively soon. Unfortunately, I don't have a date yet. But keep an eye out for it. This blog is the best place for those updates.