Technology has provided us with endless opportunities to increase our intelligence but has severed our means of turning our knowledge into wisdom.

Polite Society and Hidden Smell. Society became polite when it entrusted its procreative agency to other people. Perfumes and colognes hid the pheromones of heat, rut and ovulation. We then had to rely on sight, as anyone could be adorned with smell. Makeup didn't so easily perform the same task for beauty that perfumes did for smell. There still remained the traces of age and deformity revealed by varying gradations of light and shade. The theater of sexual attraction depended on the most adequate performance, the highest verisimilitude rather than natural ripeness.

A man loses his religion after having acknowledged a series of creeping suspicions he would not allow himself top address. The same man will find religion again after having assigned those same suspicions to the realm over over-thinking and missapprehension of the mythic.