Crashing Violently Eastward

Though many thinkers from the west may align with the wisdom of the east, they have to crash violently through western nihilism to get there. They resent the miracles Christianity would have them believe, for they know that the east considers its very mythmaking capacity the real miracle. The blissful emptiness of Nirvana, the nuanced, untraceability of the Tao, these make a plaything of worldly concerns. The west's penchant for linear thinking gives them apocalyptic obstacles to overcome before they can arrive at the other side. Nietzsche grafted onto the Christian God the destiny of the Norse gods. The west wages war more when it doesn't believe in war. Cioran could only appreciate the Taoist principle to 'act without acting' by passing through his despair of everything in the face of death. Michelstaedter, though ultimately aligned with Buddhism, required the complete inversion and reintegration of the Socratic dialogue. It is not for one like Heidegger to operate on trust in the trials and tribulations that the eastern tradition suffered in order to arrive where they are. He had to take the path alone and invented his own language for it. Western thinkers do not trust what does not cost them what would most comfort them. Eastern thinkers do not trust what does not cost them everything.