To Be Doxxed By CNN

Never forget that to be doxxed by CNN, though unfortunate, will go down in history as the surest means of measuring mediocrity. It would have been all the better had CNN counted their threat to dox their target as a measure against mediocrity, though unfortunately, it was a mediocre defense mechanism against a mediocre attack--a bristled over-reaction to a non-threat, a non-event; the kind of aborted half-joke which only youth is capable of and for which we are more than ready to excuse as quaint and cute, along with cat memes and cartoons.

  Of course, people will be quick to say that if CNN isn't doxxing you, you haven't done something right. However, CNN has lowered their standards to such an extraordinary ground that there will soon come a day when people will be embarrassed to face retaliation from CNN, as the very retaliation will beg the question, have I not done enough?