Free Speech and Taboo

Free speech operates entirely in a defensive, tribunal manner, in which grievance is carried to its logical conclusion. Speech is never truly protected. Culture takes care of that speech the state will not. Whether one contends with or confronts the sharpness of certain words, the taboo nature of certain ideas, or the implication of violence, nothing is stronger than the grievance on which the democratic process's most important illusion rests. It is important to people that they distinguish themselves by their words. To rise, they must push through a crowd of others and climb on top off their heads. Every hard won cliché is, in fact, the victory of an ideological war. When one finds a word or an idea unpalatable, one's work lies ahead if one seeks to dismantle their respective foundations. People are given so much which in turn takes so much when they cling to their beloved ideas. We believe in free speech because we still wish to identify that which we must censor in the other's heart.