To witness another is the first means of self affirmation. We already take it too far when we affirm the other by supposing what we are in distinction to it.

Both the Left and the Right are politicization of apolitical ends.

To end on a high note is just as much a means of embracing one's own impotence as burning out is. In the first, one resolves oneself to stop and stand at the edge of the void with style. In the second, one simply acknowledges that no matter how far one wades into the void, one will always have found a point beyond which one will continue to stare into the void.

All displays of power are expressions of one's impotence, belched out as a last-ditch effort to maintain one's ground.

One wakes from sleep having traveled so far in dreams. The extension of virile life force swimming, swirling and plummeting one through space in one's dreams make the waking world feel like a set of containers for spacial restriction for its own sake, until one awakens yet again, after already having woken from the dreamscape.