Heraclitean Life


True diversity means trusting no corporeal centralization of a single narrative. Tolerance stops short of the goal. We must reach a point at which it becomes tolerable to tolerate, for up to now, it has only been intolerable not to tolerate.

If we promote communities which are not built around the active force of a minority elite's imperative, but willing participation in a common vision, organization becomes a secondary issue. The virtuous community, the tolerant community, does not exist in a vacuum. To what aim is it virtuous or tolerant? Does it only tolerate one people or one way of speaking or one religion or one way of voting or one legal system? Resist the illusion that you must pick a side and that you must act now, according to feeling, according to the unity of the people. You are not a faceless unit in a pattern. Each moment, though it may share features and characteristics of the preceding moment, is never identical to the last. Each object is only equal to the last object and moment in its profound difference. Let not the polities of the future be determined simply by their assumed predisposition to withstand some oppositional ideological or economic degeneration. Let the polities of the future be like the wind and rain, the crops, the moon and sun, the rising and setting of tempers, the changing of seasons, the dust disassembled from the refuse of dried out husks from last year's harvest. As one thing declines, another progresses, not always exclusively, not always mutually. Politics are only an extension of ethics. Ethics are a child of contingent configurations, wide though the patterns may be. Politicians will come and go. There will be ample time to project onto them our sharpest emotional and psychological needs and antagonisms as it has always been. A time will come when the mask of history itself will be lifted and each man, woman and child will remember what it was like to pair what was before us with what was best for that thing. This will not be a universal realization, but it is just as well. We know instinctively what peace and vitality are. They are in our midst even when they are not immediately present to the eye. We find them in moments throughout our lives just as we find them in certain moments of history. They are rich enough to sanctify our journey toward them, no matter how hard, no matter how long.