The Origins of the Right


The Right is nothing if not a reaction to extreme political turbulence. It is what happens when power wishes to resacralize the seat of its vacant sovereignty. The Right would like to go back, but are left ever to go forward into a world which has left room for it only as one pole on the axis of modern antagonism. The degree to which the Right accepts its reactionary vocation is the degree to which it is willing to commit to the politicization of life itself; that the natural order has led to a fallen state, and that fallen state is politics itself. It is, not unlike the Left, a metaphysical resistance to the violence of history's momentum. The Left, however, was in the fortunate position of locating its avatars of evil in real time. The Right was doomed to live utterly historically, watching the arch of degeneration challenge the very scale on which it could be measured. The Right wants to end history as much as the Left; it just seeks to do so by bargaining with it, by augmenting its fulgurative moments of heroism and clarity. It wishes to provide chances for the aberration to flourish in the common. It will never come to terms with the mechanics of the Left, which is designed to commonize the aberrations whose very distinction it considers an injustice.