RIP Matt Holt #1

Baby Matt Holt.jpg

It's been over a year since this amazing front man passed away. It would have been interesting to see where Nothingface would have gone were they still around today. Sadly, I suspect that it wasn't Holt's death which prevented them from making any more music, but that some of the other members of the band, much prior to his death, had already moved on by joining bands with bigger names which were guaranteed to make them more money but which, sadly, were not as exciting or original as Nothingface.

What Holt accomplished with Nothingface while he was alive is worth far more than anything hick-core Hellyeah will ever put out. Not only was he an amazing singer; he was really one of the few people in the world of alternative metal (I obstinately refer to Nothingface as such, despite their being lumped in with nu-metal, though I certainly understand why) who could actually write lyrics which were original, challenging, dark, transgressive and moving all at once. Nothingface excelled in areas where their contemporaries merely expressed gross affectations. I've heard many projects the other members of the band have had to offer and can't help but rest on the conviction that Holt's presence as a front man was more than half responsible for their success as artists.