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The Burning Block Vol II No. 8

As far as the realm of ideas and the work of thought go, the Left-Right paradigm seems increasingly to have been replaced by a break between the "center" and the "periphery." The former corresponds to a dominant ideology which is to legitimate the market system and the latter includes all those who, no matter what their own itinerary, challenge the axiomatic content of interest and blend of economism, productivism and utilitarianism to which liberal society has led. Fruitful dialogues are possible in this "periphery."

- Alain de Benoist, Three Interviews


I would posit that Right and Left are still useful distinctions, but only provincially, and only in an entirely contingent manner. After this, on a larger scale, their usefulness breaks down. But it is precisely this larger scale where things begin to matter most.

The establishment center is made up of the husks of Rights and Lefts now beholden to global capital, utilizing liberal humanist dogma to legitimate and redress old forms of western exceptionalism and progressivism.

The periphery represents that which may fill the power vacuum, at least potentially. If one sees the actual character of the activity and the content of the demands of those on the periphery, one sees that the fringe Rights and Lefts which make up the periphery, even if mutually exclusive on some issues - warranting effective tribal or federal separation - often share enemies in the form of the globalist empire whose sovereignty is based entirely on force, emotional maintenance and self policing psychological mechanisms.

Peripheralism is not so much a single ideology as it is a recognition that the space between idea and action is or can be closed altogether, and that action can determine the idea which then becomes the central eidos of the social and of identity. Different 'wings' do not matter as much on the periphery, and sometimes fuse into new synthetic options out of the old. The most important thing to be noted here is that the periphery is where the emergent properties of a way of life may emerge, rather than a mere political position. It is the ability to think potentiality itself in direct relation to reality, without the limits of operating within a  highly centralized network to which one is beholden with little return or gain outside of its paltry market system which, as reward for its cheap intoxicants and distractions, erases culture and demolishes nations.

The correlation between actual political movements or parties and the ideas which escape accepted or expected ideological norms is merely incidental. The periphery is, rather than an unconquered land, a new spiritual and philosophical terrain. The content of useful dialogue on the periphery of the established center contains within it the potential for an altogether new center or centers. The potential for experimentation is limitless on the periphery and impossible within the establishment.