Scalise Shooting? Which One Was That Again?


One of the many shootings of 2017 has ultimately exited public consciousness. Though, as one can see below, this exit has occurred for varied reasons:

Let’s be clear: James T. Hodgkinson is a zealot who was radicalized online. James T. Hodgkinson tried to kill people because of his hateful ideology. James T. Hodgkinson is a violent radical extremist who carried out a well-planned terrorist plot against innocent Americans.

One of the greatest advantages of being white in America (besides walking, driving and living anywhere you want without the threat of being stopped, harassed, cast out or noticed because you don’t belong) is that whiteness gets to exist in the singular tense. Whenever a white man commits an act of terror—and make no mistake, that is what this is—he gets to be “troubled” or a “victim of the political atmosphere.”

Being white means you don’t have to automatically bear the weight of a skin color, a religion or an ethnicity. White people aren’t automatically assumed to be gangbangers, hood niggas or jihadists. They always get the benefit of the doubt; therefore, when white people do something heinous, the world begins a frantic, desperate search for a valid explanation of their actions.

There you have it. Trying to determine motive is an indication of white privilege. Though given how many dark-skinned Muslims, Jewish-Mexicans and others have either had their race unmentioned entirely or were called 'white' by the media, it would seem that white privilege comes with a highly inverse form of collateral.