The Tighe's of Yesteryear


Art Voice offers us a poignant reminder of John Tighe's battle with NXIVM a few years back and how much of what we know now was already known then. 

On the Canadian side of the operation, Siobahn Hotaling, NXIVM head trainer from Albany, is an alleged Canadian bag lady who was making weekly trips to Canada, she then tells border guards that she is visiting friends in Canada while it is alleged that her true mission is teaching NXIVM classes {which is illegal under Canadian Law as she is registered as a tourist with no work permit} and then transporting the tuition fees collected for the NXIVM courses taught in Canada and to pick up payments in cash from the Vancouver operation.Obviously, both these operation are amateurish and fraught with peril. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears.

Participants, having set up their new power structure and with new money laundering ideas being batted around, went back home to preach to the masses, the very rich masses or young masses that is.

And what about Necker Island you ask? Well the great house where many of these pictures were taken burnt to the ground