Back to Fiction


I've gotten around to actually sitting down with the intention of writing fiction again. It didn't feel like a nice break, having spent time away from it, nevertheless, coming back to it, I felt a much greater sense of ease than I did before.

My unintentional hiatus made me aware of a few attitudes I previously held which turned out to be more stifling than stimulating. I discovered that I previously put probably more stock into saying something in an interesting way in a story than actually telling an interesting story. It's taken me nearly my entire adult life to get this monkey off my back and to confront the reality that the reader is ultimately someone who is putting faith in me that I am going to tell them what I have to say in the clearest way possible. There is no substitute for an interesting set of situations in a piece of fiction. It doesn't matter how interesting someone enters or exits a room if nothing happens outside the room or in it.

Though fiction has been, in the past, much slower going and more labor intensive for me, it has always more or less been my first love, artistically. I look forward to releasing more fiction in the near future. As usual, one can always find pieces of it on my Patreon page, which you'll see on the sidebar.