Celebrities, Elites and Secret Societies


You might remember, just before the 2016 presidential election, a series of Wikileaks info dumps hit the public causing outrage, tickling people's suspicions, fancies and vexing all parties as they scrambled to either explain the information away or use it to their own narrative benefit. While many people were quite suspicious of Wikileaks and their intentions, what the public chose to focus on was quite telling of the situation. Ultimately, the questionable nature of Marina Abromovic's parties with high ranking politicians and suggestions of the occult hinted at over email (with particular public emphasis on 'spirit cooking') only served to take attention away from Hillary Clinton's actual defense of sex-offenders.

Secret societies have long captured the imagination of those who aren't satisfied with the short view of history. In the west, their place in our past has been dismissed as some dim folly, built on fantasy and drama, unlike China, which actually appropriated the role that secret societies played in their narrative history. The go-to name one will hear in connection to conspiracy theories and secret societies as such is 'Illuminati.' Regardless of the role played by Adam Weishapt and the Bavarian Illuminati in history, 'Illuminati' tends to act as a grab all term for anyone tentatively connected to centralized, hidden sovereignty. The imagery often associated with them is a mixture of symbols found in Freemasonry, Luciferianism, Enlightenment-era humanism, anti-clericalism, alchemy, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, astrology, tarot, the zodiac, the Knights Templar, Rozicrucianism, Western Esotericism and Ceremonial Magick. The more morbid dot connectors will hint at levels of Jonestown style cultiness, rumors of cannibalism and mass pedaresty and ritual sacrifice. It is also supposed, based on a series of public, provocative signifiers, that people who are very much in the public eye belong to such a group.

If there are indeed high ranking politicians, A-list pop stars and Hollywood actors affiliated with occult organizations, it is more than likely that they belong to special celebrities-only offshoots of the O.T.O., or some other hokey magick fraternity with a Masonic formula and grade system, to which they, of course, pay high premiums as an assurance of status in their exclusive fantasy world. This is perfectly tenable, as it would not only provide them the opportunity to interface in private without cameras in their faces, but it would give them the chance to measure one another's resolve in the face of the grotesque - this is good for business. It would also provide some satiation to their metastatisized egos; they would get to wear masks, play dress up, have orgies and, most importantly, collect dirt on their peers for blackmail.

These groups will likely pay homage to what is called the 'Left Hand Path,' a concept from eastern Tantra and often appropriated into sectors of the western esoteric tradition which deals, partially, with extreme antinomianism and the breaking of taboos. While in theory this is designed to break one's personal inhibitions in order to 'strengthen the will,' it is likely that these cabals of celebrities and politicians simply perform old classic transgressions they actually want to perform anyway, which may include but may not be limited to pedaresty, incest and sadomasochism.

It is likely that in the instances where one hears of the odd Beyonce, Jay Z or Rhianna making some Illuminati hand gesture at an award show, or hiding Luciferian messages in their work, they are simply repping their occult social club the same way others with less money would have repped the bloods, crips or Five Percenters or Hell's Angels when it still gave them street cred. The mystery, the theatricality, the intrigue of giving little signals to the the public is all posturing and megalomaniacal self-adulation. They are not part of a secret society. They want you to think the society they are part of is secret, thus making them appear more important than they are.

The real danger is the people who have so much power that they're able to manipulate the people whose only power is wealth - the latter usually being where celebrities fall. The ability to plant images in people's minds of sinister, occult organizations is likely, more than anything else, a form of misdirection to distract us from dangers hiding in plain sight.

One can see time and time again how the globalist network swallows up and destroys opposition using methods which are effective and seem, from the outset, insurmountable. For instance, one might recall the pushback against Brexit, or Spain's pushback against Catalonia's brief flirtation with independence, or the various rebel groups the west has funded to destabilize both middle east and eastern European and African countries. Every move of resistance is quickly turned into an example of what other nations ought not do.

I don't think it at all unlikely that a great many secret groups, perhaps even operating in a hierarchy which sees them pointing toward a single one, could be acting in concert to manipulate the economy and major world events. However,  I also think that the subversive, revolutionary purpose which the Bavarian Illuminati and other such subversive groups served has already been realized, as the things which they wanted to bring about are now written into the law, define the direction of modern sovereignty and have been so absorbed by and embedded into western culture as to seem almost entirely contemporaneous with it.

Democracy, which the founding fathers of the United States considered a joke at best and poison at worst, is now synonymous with freedom. In truth, democracy is a divide-and-conquer tactic, relying always on a highly centralized authority to facilitate antagonism between constituent groups it deliberately uses to its economic and ideological benefit. In other words, this is law from the top down, rather than what the law was always meant to be outside of this authoritarian system; something which proves itself useful in interface between people who share a culture/way of life or affinity. The law is something which people refer to as a solution to potential violence, rather than something which is created by a specific institution for the benefit of that specific institution at the expense of surrounding or adjecent cultures whose vulnerabilities it must exploit to sustain itself.

The democratic illusion that ways of life must be had at the expense of one another and that the greatest grievance will always govern the moral tenor of a society are the most poisonous ideas to have taken hold of the west.

The reason you would  end up with the Eyes Wide Shut style parties full of politicians and the Luciferian fixation amongst celebrities is not dissimilar from the reason you get massive protests, marches and rallies, or why every four years, you find yourself getting into more arguments with people over social media. All of these are the psychic runoff of The trauma that comes from groups living in the same big tax farms, which have adverse interests (which are manufactured by the state anyway) and are being used against one another.

It could well be that there are secret societies rewarding their members and controlling everyday features of life, however, I think that these things are results of something bigger and more deleterious; thus they are effects rather than causes per se. The cause is something which we cannot isolate to one particular object in the world - which is unfortunate, since this is what people often do anyway by creating scapegoats out of racial demographics, or explaining everything that goes wrong in the world by the economy, as the Left does in their critique of capitalism. The heart of the matter is much more central to human nature. As a species, we've developed consciousness, which is a terrific gift we still don't know much about, but which comes with a great deal of responsibility. We can use that gift to connect with and work in harmony with the processes going on around us, thus proliferating innovations by using what bares fruit, or we can isolate and select things which cause us discomfort and export them to the domain of 'unnatural' or 'evil,' though we usually only do this in order to blame them for our own shortcomings.

To whatever degree there are secret or completely open groups oppressing mass populations and dictating world events, this need to export blame works against us no matter which direction it is going; even if conspiracy theories are true. As long as we objectify abstract enemies and desires in order to affirm facile phantoms of our egos, we will always be on the losing end. The Demiurge, or the false world created by an evil lesser god believed in by the gnostics, or Samsara, the restless world of becoming believed in by the inhabitants of ancient India, are both useful as metaphors for what is actually taking place. They represent the world of illusion in which we have imprisoned ourselves. The eschatological dream that all enemies and dangers will one day end in the collapse of the new world order is grim folly. The ultimate enemy is the enemy within. Only when this is dealt with will it be possible to build alternative infrastructure in the midst of that which is always falling around us.