Constellations 9-28-2017

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Giovanni Danato and Robert Stark on sex and the economy. Old Nothingface interview (in celebration of Matt Holt - R.I.P.). Our Prayers for Rain in Oregon, in light of the Oregon fires, have been answered, though more is needed. Trump frozen at the controls. 'Alt-Center as pejorative and as self identified position. Strengthening empire vs. secession. Sam Harris won't talk to Stefan Molyneux despite requests from his listeners. Jacobin Magazine vs. Jacobite Magazine. Confusion over the semantics of the term Alt-Left. Keith Preston criticizes modern anarchism for being a youth subculture rather than a counter culture, and rightly names the non-anarchists Nietzsche, Stirner and Junger as better models for where anarchism should go ideologically. The Purge (Hopsin).