Encyclopedia of the Current Year - Trad


In the Guenonian sense - a modern phenomenon. In the spirit of biblical literalism but without a spiritual authority, spiritual solidarity is felt through a sense of the common enemy - namely, the Kali Yuga. Lacking a solid spiritual foundation, this ideology's adherents often let politics rest as the avatar for anything in the way of foundation. Though apolitical in a sense, being a left wing Traditionalist is seen as a contradiction.

An idealized, unchecked love of all things monarchical and aristocratic, without paying much attention to the un-monarchical parts of monarchy and the un-aristocratic parts of these respective entities. A bizarre fatalism counterpoints a hope that lies on little but the passage of time - mythic entropy - the worst and the best both have a definite ceiling which history has betrayed by not recording them adequately enough. It is never supposed that the Kali Yuga, if necessary and inevitable, might be a good thing. The Trad-type is simply resolved to let the world burn before the golden age can begin.

The right wing Punk, the reactionary - the right hand path itself as, at once, a form of antinomianism and an excuse to become a shut-in, not engaging in the world, believing it to be, not simply fallen, but ever-decaying. One can still nod to Spangler and ride the train until the engine goes out. The Trad way spiritualizes all resistance, all struggle, and renders them futile in the face of titanic forces destined to unleash themselves upon the world. The only option is to do nothing - to squander life itself in waiting for an abstraction whose contours would seem to trace a fantasy world even the ancients wouldn't have wanted to live in. That or the call to struggle by the adherents of this ideology could be quickly rendered futile by its own internal mechanics. The perennial whore house stands as a testament to the impossibility of the Traditionalist vision. Twitter Tradition. Tradition from an iPhone. Clever memes about the decadence of modern architecture.