Gunn Control

James Gunn.png

Should pedowoodgate come as a surprise to anyone? After all, we're dealing with the same people who made no bones about offering the following for American consumption almost a century ago:

The responses in Hollywood (and among Hollywood's enablers) to the myriad tweets of James Gunn and others which have resurfaced - the content of which contain deeply disturbing pedophiliac content - oscillate between two options:
1. They're just a joke.
2. Pedos are okay now, you know, sort of like gays are okay now but weren't at one time, because Progress, don'tcha know...

I wrote in the past about why pedophiles would never be the next gays, but I never claimed that there would never be an attempt at normalization. Take Ped Talks, for instance:

My argument was quite simple. Regardless of what you think of gays, you're essentially dealing with two people who like each other. Kids, on the other hand, don't like pedophiles. Even if they did, parents don't like them. The issue contains so many big problems, but let's leave it there for now.

But try and make any of these points to enablers. The things they say to justify it are identical to the things pedophiles tell kids to break their emotional resolve (i.e. 'This is love; this is okay; this is normal; this is not wrong,' in other words, everything which goes against instinct or reason). One of the indications that these perceptions on the matter are sociopathic is that they only work on the extremely vulnerable (children). Even for the most tolerant of progressives, this is beyond the pale. Naturally, the effect in micro is similar to the effect in macro: in the one case, a child's life is ruined if this appeal is heeded. In the other, a whole civilization. 

But the sad fact that such behavior would ever be normalized speaks to the extreme degree to which children are considered disposable in our society - which can really be an entire post in itself. Having an inconvenient child? Abort it. Need some quick social capital amongst your uber progressive friends? Give your kid some hormone blockers. Healthy, sane people in your age bracket just aren't doing it for you, or you consider such sexual norms a mere bourgois taboo? ... 

Actors and enablers in these deeds are merely useful idiots to a powerful establishment which would much benefit from such narratives; if large numbers of people could be convinced of the fluidity of the innocence of children, it would follow that adults should then be more easily convinced of the fluidity of their own agency. In other words? The endgame of globalism is to make us complicit in our own slavery. 

What else could it possibly be? This is the direction everything heads if you look at the last century. More and more coercion and more and more social engineering. 

Rest assured, the monopolization of childhood innocence will not actually, in the end, be normalized. It can't be. It's impossible. War would happen first. This is how values ultimately work themselves to the surface: through conflict. Democracy had a good run, but its ritualization of societal conflict was only big enough to contain so much. It was only inevitable that it fall apart with the weight of mass neurosis.

You'll notice I haven't wasted any time trying to dissect whether or not the thousands of tweets from the likes of Gunn, Michael Ian Black and others are sincere or just jokes. It ultimately doesn't matter. The reaction is as predictable as a bad relationship. Pedo-flags - MAP flags (Minor Attracted Persons - always count on over-syllablization with an attempted brainwash) started popping up close to where I live, near schools. Someone felt comfortable enough to risk being seen putting them up.

The fracture our civilization is going to go through soon can't be stressed enough.