Learn to Think - Observe Reality


There're only so many times you can let a thought turn over in your head, repeating again and again. But that's not reality.

There comes a point in your life that you realize that every single thought you have represents something that's either in your life or not... If the thought is not in your life and you don't plan on making it a part of your life, then what's it doing there? It only makes sense at that point that you would want to get rid of it.

Get Rid of Back Doors to Indecision

Let's take a specific example. You have some friends coming in from out of town and you want to show them a good time. It's two days away and you start panicking. You promise yourself you're going to make a list of things to do and choose the best one. As you're stressing yourself out about all this though, you're mind keeps returning to one specific activity. You run that thought over and over again in your mind, but you give yourself a back door out of that plan in case something better comes along. Eventually, you'll just choose that one activity naturally, as it was on your mind the whole time. However, you wasted a lot of energy when you could have just made a decision, and you might even feel guilty for choosing what you already wanted to choose all along anyway.

Subconscious Confidence

Making a firm decision on something builds subconscious confidence. Get the word 'best' out of your mind and start thinking about the right tool for the job, the most 'efficient' thing for now.

When you don't allow yourself the power to make decisions when the time comes, you allow yourself all these back doors for other possibilities that never actually come to fruition. To think ambitiously is to cease giving yourself options which serve merely as excuses.

Today, people put a lot of stock in confidence. However, when it comes time to explain just what confidence is or how it feels, we often think of it as a sensation which sits right on the surface of your thoughts - an overlay that's always there making you feel like a badass.

It's more important to develop subconscious confidence. Think of this as a series of reflexes you can always resort to in any situation; a way of evaluating reality to optimize for the most success in any situation.

Law of Attraction or Law of Action?

People act like having a winning mindset is some complicated thing, like a type of yoga or something but it isn't like that... In reality, you discover on a much deeper level that the thing you want is there... you just have to walk toward it. It's never gonna come to you.

Or maybe someday it might just bump into you and then it continues on its way, but actually approaching that thing you want... I guess what I'm saying would sound anti-Law of Attraction, but you could look at it another way: The closer you get to something, the more subtle you are and the more thorough you are in arranging everything in your life around meeting just the one really simple goal, then yeah, it's going to feel like cosmic attraction - like the thing is coming to you. But on the other hand, what's actually happening is that you were heading toward it more quickly, were working toward it much harder and getting better at it all the while... Then one day it lands in your lap because its neutral. It doesn't resist you, so it seems like a surprise, but because it didn't chase you, you had to chase it, it seems like the greatest gift in the world.

The Night Side of the Mind

You do have to be careful. It's not all peaches and rainbows, this self-developmental stuff. You can perform this same kind of activity towards things that are self destructive but which you secretly kind of want. You can end up in a very dark place because you decided that you wanted to burn everything around you and suddenly find yourself with the power to do so.

Against Stagnation

If you want one thing, you're not gonna spend half your life doing the same thing over and over if, after a few days, you're not getting it. Anything you can't get in a few days is going to keep you adapting and having to change, constantly. Anything you don't know how to get or are categorically unable to get yet is going to take variation and experimentation.

It's not even about being positive. It's about being super realistic. It's about knowing where to put your energy. Laziness costs way more energy than people think it does. Preparation, constantly getting more efficient at it, saves you so much time, energy, money and worry.


There's so much emphasis in our society today on following your dreams, pursuing your passions, but there's very little talk about where dreams and passions come from and which ones are going to be enduring and which ones are going to vanish like vapor to make way for the next big thrill in a week. You distinguish the difference by keeping a very close watch on reality and how it works.

You organize your dreams and keep watch over your soul.

Keep a notebook. Keep a diary. Make them one, make them separate. It doesn't matter - it's up to you. But write down your dreams and your passions. Try to put them on some kind of possibility scale in relation to where you're at in your life right now. Start writing down the actions you can take to get there, even if you don't know all the actions, just write a few starting ones or even later ones. Start strategizing.

This gets you in the habit of thinking about the things you want to accomplish as problems to be solved. For all the people that are going to nitpick over the fact that 'problem' is a negative word, I insist that I don't think it is and therefore I feel free to use it. Think of it like a math problem. You work at it until you get it right. You might feel, at first, that you're taking up a lot of energy trying to get all of this stuff figured out, but once you solve a few problems, suddenly you discover formulas that will work in the future. Even if the formulas don't work forever, you develop a habit of pursuing optimal outcomes.