Left and Right as Incompatible Nations

Compare to Obama's reaction to Treyvon Martin's death:

The nature of violence is never quite simple, and yet, violent events always lend simple soundbytes to political partisanship. It is not so much the events themselves which reveal the tenor of our time, but their respective interpretations.

  Obama's remarks on how African Americans interpret violence within a historical context is quite telling; one can look at it as a metaphor for how antagonism and victim narratives build under a democracy, no matter what groups are involved. Democracy thrives on partisan constituencies, which makes it easy for parasitic people who only want power to play off of the ill fortune and coextensive emotions of the crowd. It's not about fixing problems, but a sort of emotional consequentialism in which people can project their anger over their lack of agency on someone else and depend on the state to help them.

  Civil war seems inevitable at this point, which means martial law might be on the horizon, which will make us vulnerable to outside threat as we squander all of our military resources on our own people.