On Modifying a Blog As Time Goes By


I change my blog every few years, or every so often. Why? Because I can.

The host I use gives me a simple way to do so. Some bloggers are adamant about not changing or getting rid of anything they've written because of sincerity and blah blah blah. People can see your mistakes and you won't get mistaken for a charlatan and yadda yadda yadda. It may be true that people will be encouraged or inspired by the changes I've made as a writer/person over the course of all this. It may be true that I would look less suspect if I kept every irrelevant piece of information on this blog as a testament to my prolific output.

I don't care.

I delete posts that no longer please me.

I delete posts that I don't feel have much lasting power.

I delete posts I'm embarrassed about or which I feel no longer represent this site.

Why? Again, because I can. This is not a paper magazine, or a static object, as issues of The Burning Block are. This is a website with a blog. It is dynamic. It's purpose changes as myself and the world change.

I started out with very different intentions when I began this website. I really just wanted to write book reviews. Then I wanted it to be a place where I put fiction. Then I struggled for a while (and still do) trying to figure out where I want to put some of this stuff. Ultimately, it's an organic process. I don't want to feel like I have to live or die for youthful folly just to affect the appearance of continuity.

Who knows? Maybe I won’t even keep this post. Maybe I’ll alter it in the future.

I would urge anyone reading this to not beat yourself up over doing a little maintenance on your brand,your site, your image, your blog, or whatever it may be. You don’t need to keep all those quick outraged responses to current events from the last election season (I raise my own hand). You don’t need to keep every post where you apologize for not writing much lately (I raise my own hand). You don’t need to save every post about an update in your plans.

I’m going to let you off the hook: you don’t have to keep something up which you feel makes you look bad.

It’s your life. You have to protect yourself and the way you’re putting yourself out in the world.

Keep only what delights you and gives you joy, unless you’re a masochist, or just have some reason its important to keep every word and every piece of punctuation exactly as it is.

Chances are, no one is going to pull up an old Internet Archived version of a blog post you wrote, unless you’re a super famous one, or unless you have some skeletons in your closet. Besides, even if they did, you’d be fine. You don’t need to justify your artistic and brand choices to everyone. Just do what works for you. You can always shelve something and bring it back later, too.