Racialists Want to Control Who You Have Sex With


It isn't the fault of minorities that Right wing white men can't get laid. Globalism isn't to blame either. Feminists aren't to blame. SJWs aren't to blame. There is no government program, no (((institution cushioned by three parentheses))) to blame. There is a sole way to explain this.

White women simply don't want to have sex with them.

It's not because these women have all been brainwashed by university. It's not because they're being paid by George Soros. It's not because the United States has slowly culturally appropriated more and more non-Anglo Saxons into a country which would have otherwise been an ethno-state.

It's because these men are boring.

It's because they talk about politics too much. It's because they name-drop authors they read about on blogs.

It's because they use words like 'normy,' and 'decadent.' It's because they have an entire system of meaning and a whole vocabulary they got from the internet, and because they use slang words and epithets from the days of the Weimar Republic. It's because they think life is a videogame or a computer system. It's because they talk about how a feminized society has encroached on their masculinity. It's because they voted for Trump. It's all of the above or it's anything else entirely, but it all comes down to the fact that white women don't like them.

These men don't want to admit this because it means they will have to better themselves instead of complaining about the entire world and how all its problems are connected by a single thread which just happens to resemble their neurotic fears. Women don't want men who are part of an ego-cult which assumes a passive role by asking that society grant them the sovereignty to be who they are.

These men won't admit this, for if they do, they know they can't rely on the state to grant them the right to only spend time around women who might acquiesce to their desires.

It isn't quite jealousy, and yet, it projects - creates being - in precisely the same manner.

It is possible for them to leave, to break apart and to drop out of society without preaching about a 'white genocide,' which conveniently has exactly the same appearance as their inability to find wives and realizing far too late in life that they spent their twenties on social media, forming no true infrastructure or community, being sucked further into the negativity and pessimism which would keep them dependent on the antagonism built into our political system and enslaved to it on account of this.

Have these men lost their jobs? Certainly. Have they suffered ugly divorces and had their finances cut off? Have they been censored? Cast out? Certainly. But this disparity between the modern world and their ideology and its accompanying desparation has given them a terrific ressentiment toward things as they exist.

Unconvinced that the only answer to the erasure of white people is the coupling of more white eggs with more white sperm, these men are of the utmost hope that the state, that the 'god emperor Trump,' will, at the very least, be the first wrung on a latter to an all-white empire. There is no evidence to suggest that the nation state is the best design for the preservation of culture. Now, some dissident Rightists and racialists would agree with me on this. They would prefer some kind of smaller tribe. However, if your in-group looks down on you for 'punching Right,' and as a result of this no one has a clear idea on what 'the Right' even is, your whole cause and vision just turns into a blip on the radar... one more constituent popular cult in a politically useful demographic.

The racialist narrative is entirely emasculating to the men concerned with it, for it trains them to subordinate their desires to the authority of a global narrative which has distinguished them. They need that very superstructure which they believe hates them in order to exist as an independent body; nation state or no nation state. It strips these men of their agency, causes them to view the world as an alien entity rather than something they are part of, and yes, limits their chances of finding a mate who shares their values. In fact, a number of them would probably be better off if they coupled with women from third world countries, as they would more than likely be willing to consider their marriage within the bounds of classical gender roles.

Racialists believe that equality is a myth, and yet, believe that 'their people' are equal. Their solution to being erased is to make sure that adults only have the opportunity to have sex with certain kinds of other adults. You can make kids play with the same toys but you can't make them play the same game.

If you can't get along with your own people, that's your own damn fault.

If you will not marry a member of another tribe because you don't want your children to be two different things, then it is not society which has cut you off. If you believe that women from your people have been corrupted by establishment propoganda and you're just waiting for a princess to fall from the sky, remember, it is you who sold your birthright to a system which you delude yourself into thinking either does or doesn't represent you.

Life is a brutal struggle for survival and pleasure. If it does not lie within the means of the state's pleasure or the means of the state's survival to preserve your interests, then it never will. Not today, not tomorrow, and not in the future. It doesn't matter if you're a racialist or part of some other group, whether a political identity group, a sex subculture, a commune, a youth counter culture, an independent business or a voting block. Your identity was manufactured by a system which benefits from it, and not the other way around.

No amount of government regulations, strengthening of borders or burning of institutions is going to change men who can't spread their seed.

Only the seed of those who are the most eager to breed will survive. Even strong cultures last for an all too brief blip in history and then they're done. All peoples go to the dust when their time comes. No one escapes. Some last longer than others, but they all graduate to the great crypt of history. Revolutions come and go, kingdoms rise and fall, new enlightenments blot out old superstitions and accelerate to the point of their own dissolution.

This is how the universe works. This is natural. This is healthy. This is the way it has always been and the way it will always be, because nations, peoples, tribes, cultures and empires are all manifestations of that which is infinite but are all, themselves, finite, microscopically small in the whole, wide, bottomless ocean of time.

The only thing that will end this pathological paranoia, this latching on, this existential need for the ego to survive through whatever shibboleth manifests itself in 'a people' is for one to develop joy in the face of one's fate and an unperturbable fearlessness in the face of one's mortality.

The path of rhetoric is the path of ressentiment.  It's the need for scapegoats. It's the lies you tell yourself in order to feel belonging or comfort, but which in turn give being to your nightmares and dark fantasies.

Stop projecting your bad sex life onto history and go find someone to have sex with. Don't give power to the state to compensate. Leave us out of your pseudo-intellectual gene-cult. You are your own worst enemy, period. 


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