Richard Spencer To Launch JQ Magazine

'Jews are an ethno-religious people distinct from Europeans. At various times, they have existed within European societies, without being of them. The preservation of their identity as Jews was and is contingent on resistance to assimilation, sometimes expressed as hostility towards their hosts.' - Richard Spencer, 8/11/17

The unending comedy that is the confused destiny of the Alt-Right is only augmented by its propensity to fall headfirst into rhetoric which, for all intents and purposes, tries to graft a special-interest language of political reform onto a sort of pop-fascism for beginners. Whenever Richard Spencer talks about the Jews in his writings, which are a fusion of mealy mouthed mythic grievances and abrupt shifts into nineteenth century enthusiasm imitated by a sophomore in high school, one can't help but feel that he is perhaps a bit tired of having to prove his position on the JQ but goes on doing it anyway, lest he fall prey to the ever-heightening discursive demands of a movement whose very intellectual capital feeds and feeds off of initiatic unpopularity. It's amazing just how much mind control a group can exert on its sympathizers by simply making them afraid of 'cucking.'