Semi-Contractual Work


A good work model for the non-administrative working class, in my humble opinion, would be semi-contractual work. In other words, one would work in a specific warehouse/office or what have you, and upon arrival or per schedule, choose from a list of assignments that are paid different prices according to time and difficulty. Difficult jobs which don't take much time would pay more. Simple jobs which could go on indefinitely would pay less. Of course, there would be gray areas and everything in between.

  The idea is to incentivize people according to their needs. If someone values easily earned money over free time, one will work at simple tasks. If one values free time, one will choose a harder task.

  I don't have all of it worked out. There'd have to be some mechanism in place to regulate work limits and make competition reasonable.

  This could work in many different kinds of communities and economic situations with some modifications, whether under capitalism, distributism, socialism, mutualism, tribalism, anarchism, etc.