Sex and School


One might argue that the specific cultural tasks assigned to gender roles needs reconfiguring. However, we haven't advanced much farther than the ancient world where the very limits of gender are concerned.

   Gender, at the end of the day, is about breeding. Even the non-breeding categories which are always on the increase today enunciate the categories that breed. It is one thing to say that you don't want to be defined by your gender, however, it is quite another to suggest that other people shouldn't be defined by them at all. Gender definition makes all the difference when you are 1) trying to get pregnant, 2) trying to get someone pregnant, 3) trying not to get pregnant, 4) trying not to get someone pregnant.

   And that's just at the very least. It's also going to determine what kind of contraceptives you'll be using. It's also, at least, a means of communicating your sexual intentions to others; A gay man does not want to have sex with a woman who happens to identify as a man. A straight man is likely not going to accept another penis in his domain either.

   People who want to get rid of gender distinctions, as with most special interest groups today, want power; they just refuse to be honest about it. They call their self-interest 'justice' because they can't take what they want for themselves. Ironically, people with alternative sexualities have achieved their goals since time immemorial, since their goals are personal, libidinal, and though complex on the surface, rather simple. They want to have sex with people who want to have sex with them, as all people except rapists do, and they want this with the least amount of trouble from people who aren't directly involved in this transaction. This is an adult transaction, regardless of the sexual equipment involved. However, you know it's a power-grab when people start on you young, as they've done at Parson Street Elementary.

   'The school, whose uniform policy allows boys to wear skirts, has insisted it is not telling children how to think.

Mr Barry said he was simply telling pupils "you should challenge discrimination if you find it".

"We don't believe people should be defined by a particular gender," he added.

"We want to create a culture of acceptance."'

   The bristled reaction would be to suggest, with utmost paranoia, that the LGBTQ gestapo is trying to corrupt our children, but it makes all the difference to remember that they are not doing this for the reasons they say that they're doing it. It's the same with most arguments for and against abortion, for and against borders, or for and against business regulation. One must remember that the state, by definition, intervenes. Also the state, by nature, totalizes. Rightists often fall prey to the delusion that if they can just get the right people in office or the right people in charge of public education, their children will not be brainwashed by the ontological revisionism of the LGBTQ conspiracy, taking for granted that with classical gender roles honored, you can still end up with something perfectly stifling on a psychological level, like the Prussian schooling system on which public education in the U.S. is based. The gender confusion one sees on an institutional level would only be ideological/ontological confusion of another sort if the roles were reversed. The state co-opts cultural memes to advance its own power and, in the west, uses democracy as a mask for its own power, playing off of the inner tensions of the varied governed people.

   One would do best to opt out of the public schooling system altogether. Conflict is inevitable and part of life, but not the staged conflict of the state apparatus, which exploits the fears and psychological and existential vulnerabilities of its constituents every chance it gets.