The Sovereignty of Persuasion

Shane Eide

March 9, 2018

How to Defect Completely

An exercise in abstracting the distinction between total agency and a complete lack of agency.

Non-Ideological Politics As Tragic Politics

Ideologies, at one time or another, acted as solutions to very particular problems. They quickly become husks.

We want to put our ears up to them to try and hear the music of a dead world, but all one hears is the white noise of one's own ear hearing itself; the density of nothing.

Left and Right have captured moments in time and projected them into the future. The Left's vocabulary is now as unknowingly old as the Right always knew their own vocabulary was the moment heads in France began to roll. No one believes in a real proletariate anymore; this is why the critical theory culture of universities retreated years ago into the septic and all too simple realm of power/victim discourse in order to intellectually larp a new Marxism out of sight from the working class whom they alienated.

The Real Center Is Not a Synthesis Between Left and Right


A true synthesis of the Left and Right in politics would be something like fascism: Right Wing cultural sentiment implimented coercively through the violence of Left Wing mechanics.

  That, or it would be Libertarianism: classically Right Wing economics with the Left Wing proggressive over-determination of mankind's unquestionably equal agency in the face of the free market (a secular stand-in for Free Will).

  The real Center would not be a synthesis, but rather, something politically akin to the 'middle path' referred to in the far east. In spiritual terms, one could say this is a position which recognizes being as superior to effects or to becoming. It centers the attention of the subject so that it may always remain in balance. To balance, one needs something to balance between.

  This could, perhaps, only be accomplished through an attitude of apoliteia, ironically. Life itself must become the issue, not ideologies or means of adequately predicting the economy.

  For this to be an option, society would be designed in such a way that people would be encouraged to strive for the highest agency they could, thus managing their own lives, putting them in agreement with others who want the same.

  The impulses which created the Left and the Right are far older than either. Both have their uses, but the modern world sees both as only able to exist at the expense of one another.

  In a culture where everyone is encouraged to maximize agency over themselves, it is more likely that people will be able to freely associate, thus being able to develop whatever kind of organization and economy that suits them best.

The Deepest State

One would do best to apply Occam's Razor to the idea of conspiracy and the deep state. But in doing so, one should keep in mind that complexity is often very simple and simplicity is, paradoxically, quite complex. What do all the various cabals, cartels, secret societies, gangs, corporations, mobs, foundations, banks and cabinets have as their ultimate goal if they are not what they seem? To the degree that they are working counter to the interests of the people they claim to serve, how much of their folly and falsehood is actually discoverable? 

Union of Free Spirits

Max Stirner's egoist from his major work, The Ego and It's Own, found a home in a community he called the 'union of egoists.' Far from the simple solipsism that Stirner is often accused of, this union provides the egoist with a group of like-minded people for an indefinite time for one specific purpose or a set of purposes. It is based, not on a constitution or contract, but on voluntary, mutual self-interest. Each member is encouraged to serve himself in the interest of the group, with the self interest of each member maximized through combined effort.