Aphorisms: The Burning Block No.7 - I

Shane Eide

March 10, 2018

Buddhism as Fascism

Contintental Philosophy of the Idealistic strain paired well with the wisdom of the east. However, they did themselves a great disservice by philosophizing something from the top down which was, fundamentally, experiential from the bottom up. Hegel can be boiled down to Giovanni Gentile, who concluded that individual rights didn't exist. Regardless of the truth claim, it was the politicization of the claim which caused harm. Politicization creates illusions in accordance with the degree that it tries to administer truth. 


Ashrams, western orders of initiative magic and mega-churches all increase in volume in the most soulless of densely populated American cities like Las Vegas, Las Angeles... In places where both commodities and desires are born, spiritualities offer a form of parasitism which balance both. There are simply some sins which are worth the redemption they call for; all the better when discounted at an ungodly price. 


We've turned the warrior inclination toward battles of the intellect. One wanders into the dark and thrusts one's sword into blind spots. When it turns out that our whimsical thrusts have killed a few strangers, we say, 'Aha! I knew there were enemies here! If they were not here, they would not be dead!'

Crashing Violently Eastward

Though many thinkers from the west may align with the wisdom of the east, they have to crash violently through western nihilism to get there. They resent the miracles Christianity would have them believe, for they know that the east considers its very mythmaking capacity the real miracle.