Explain Yourself

Don't ever apologize for what you create. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't feel the need to explain yourself, even. How many times have you expliained your work to someone and frowned, surprised at the plasticity of your own answer?

You create the same way you dream. Art is a waking dream. They're equally unexplainable. You may have had ideas along the way, but how many of them changed on paper? 

If you go to university to learn about the arts, they'll provide you with ample ways to dissect every painting, every novel and poem. These methods of dissection will change with the seasons and the intellectual fads. 

You have to turn off that inner noise when you create; that inner classroom discussion. Create only what you can't help but create. Draw a line in between the art you're supposed to make and the art you want to make and part ways with the former forever. Between the two, which are you more likely to regret?

Forgo every need to place your art within a societally relevant context. Let others take care of that. Just make sure you have your I's before your E's and your shading to where you want it and then don't worry.