Comical Types #2

He hangs out in cafes and says little. He does himself the service of having read a lot but saying very little about it, for he does not admire zeal concerning things of the intellect as much as he admires things of the intellect. His final, defining protestation occurs in the face of his horribly failed relationships with women (though he identifies himself only aesthetically with bisexuality), and that protestation is this: ‘I’m not a human and I never wanted to be.’ If one leaves him at the café where this is uttered, one might never see him again. 

Comical Types #1


The ‘genius’ who is ever unhappy with his inability to articulate anything (despite the fact that clarity is usually a trait associated with ‘genius’). He constantly cringes, winces and physically beats his hand against his head because he can not squeeze the words out which, in his mind, reach beyond the temporal categories of Kant. His culture praises him constantly for that which he cannot say