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Occult Politics and the Center

One could, perhaps, consider the Center and where it sits in terms of Left and Right wing politics by grafting onto this vocabulary ideas which are common to eastern spirituality, as well as the occult.

In the eastern thought, the Right, in a metaphysical sense, represents what is known - that toward which one should be working, a striving toward the source of life. It respresents tradition and one's striving toward the correct path. This is known as the Right Hand Path.

The Left, on the other hand, represents

Talk First

This is always a better solution to civil war, even if they spoke past one another and often failed to meet each other's points. 

The West and Genital Mutilation

We need a new west.

There's no better time to rethink some of our common assumptions than now. We disparage other cultures for female genital mutilation, and as heinous as it is, we dismiss male genital mutilation in this country because we suppose we have a better reason to do so. While we're busy fighting to keep people out who would prefer a clit-cutting community or even just arguing with people who think that letting them in is a gesture of tolerance, perhaps we will take a minute to examine just what it is we're defending.

The following are some common precepts about western life, practices and ideas which are as enduring as they are unquestioned and ignored as often as questioned:

Beyond Political Extremes

Political ideologies fail and triumph to the degrees they do because they are not the result of reason. They are always fueled by emotion; especially ideologies which require the frenzy of the masses to execute their most violent features, as in communism, democracy and fascism. Exegesis are created which focus on the sacred element which will tug on a group's heartstrings. The economy can be manipulated if the worker is exalted. The individual can be manipulated if the culture is exalted. When people talk about freedom, they usually mean freedom for one group to make decisions and the rest to stay quiet lest they get what little they have taken away. 

Singularity and Shame

We have transferred our shame of our own atrophy in the face of work for a sense of shame for work itself, for we do not see the degree to which work atrophies our lives when it is concerned with so much phenomena so far outside the realm of our immediate experience. 

How To Get the Left To Admit What It Actually Wants To Itself

If the dissident Right has a blind spot right now, it's in their antinomian streak. They're like Satanists having fun scandalizing Christian Reaganites, all the while requiring a direct inversion of their language to do so. 

The Demonic Newsreel #2

An exercise in non sequitur, in which misdirection is not a marketing ploy or war tactic, but simply what it's always been: a lack of focus. 


You know it's a bad sign when auto-correct doesn't even let you spell 'competition,' as if someone would give up half way through writing the word and never compete with anyone again.

     Communism is the largest monopoly, and because it doesn't recognize freedom outside of itself, inevitably performs bulldozing jobs on the rest of the world, with which it is incompatible in absolutely every practical, minor and major way. Eventually they'll get it right. Imagine a day, folks, when you will stop wanting expensive pastries!


Academics have become walking targets. Where they got teased in the 60's for being squares, glued to a job that youths were too existentially jaded to see the benefit of, they now get teased because they are the intellectually jaded who never got it together. How long will they shill the unflattering image that all homeschool kids are cross-eyed lispers and that kids who don't spend an unpayable 100 grand for an associate's degree will be forever doomed to a cosmic The Breakfast Club style cry session?

    Does anyone know what a document looks like when printed from Word Pad? One would do best to get acquainted with such a template, for it is likely that this will soon be the only degree anyone in the free world will be able to afford.


The greatest misstep is to mistake one moment for another. Each moment has only the thinnest relationship to that which gives it being, and even that is only a memory. Sequentiality is a game which sees vitalities always at war; a currency ever spent on the present. The identity is itself a war, ever negating its lack of a constant element by forgetting the present and relying only on pattern. Pattern is taken up as the true reality, even at the expense of its own ingredients: the outside world. Pattern is the path of rhetoric; the overlay of the personal grafted onto all phenomena. One sees in everything oneself, but never enough, and this causes suffering, but not even an honest suffering earned through failure. It is, rather, failure as experience; failure as an existential phenomenon. One is ever terrified of using up one's storehouse of energy, love and honor, as if these things existed anywhere else but in the feeble ideal whose foundation is little better than the bog of one's oh so tenacious need for affirmation. Divorced from any transcendent element, these things are all fogs and vapors.

     How often does one really, truly ever acknowledge the existence of another? At every turn, we are disappointed with others for them not measuring up to our standards, when it is, in truth, only we who are disappointed with our failure to fool ourselves fully enough to cancel the revelation of our own inadequacy.

Encyclopedia of the Current Year

Alt-Right: Neo-Right Hegelians who think they're Nietzscheans.

Socialism: Globalist welfare liberalism.

Anarchism: Socialism.

Communist: A bureaucratic global feudalist.

Transhumanism: Digital Buddhism.

Libertarianism: Anarcho-Statism.

Anarcho-Capitalism: National Stigmergic Socialism.

Antifascism: Fascism without central authority.

Social Justice: Paternal state-ism.

Neoreaction: Bureaucratic  techno libertarian aristocratism.

The Impossibility of Politics

Just what is meant when one speaks today of politics?