If Our President Was Hitler

We've been getting this kind of celebrity larping since the election:

'Depp asked a crowd in England on Thursday when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. He answered that it's "been a while, but maybe it's time." He later apologized.'

People who make threats make up a very small percentage of the people who actually end up killing someone. We've seen this over and over before. What we've also seen over and over is each wing turning the opposite wing running man into an antichrist.

No Kings to Behead

It's hardly surprising that lone gunmen are coming out of the Left. Their usual penchant for violent mobs can only go so far in what is quickly becoming a police-state west. The usual societal tensions that were once freed up and granted full expression in revolution don't have a world stage beyond social media. The days of large gestures are over since we've reconfigured sovereignty to sources which don't act as powerful of symbols; there is no king to behead. It seems that the natural eventuation of the Left would be to create its own symbols; maniacs as heroes fighting the avatars of an idea. I don't suspect that this behavior will be wholly accepted by the Left, but the Left dwindles and dries without martyrs. I