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Shane Eide

July 5, 2018

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June 11, 2018

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Shane Eide

November 30, 2017

Beyond Political Extremes

Political ideologies fail and triumph to the degrees they do because they are not the result of reason. They are always fueled by emotion; especially ideologies which require the frenzy of the masses to execute their most violent features, as in communism, democracy and fascism. Exegesis are created which focus on the sacred element which will tug on a group's heartstrings. The economy can be manipulated if the worker is exalted. The individual can be manipulated if the culture is exalted. When people talk about freedom, they usually mean freedom for one group to make decisions and the rest to stay quiet lest they get what little they have taken away. 

No Kings to Behead

It's hardly surprising that lone gunmen are coming out of the Left. Their usual penchant for violent mobs can only go so far in what is quickly becoming a police-state west. The usual societal tensions that were once freed up and granted full expression in revolution don't have a world stage beyond social media. The days of large gestures are over since we've reconfigured sovereignty to sources which don't act as powerful of symbols; there is no king to behead. It seems that the natural eventuation of the Left would be to create its own symbols; maniacs as heroes fighting the avatars of an idea. I don't suspect that this behavior will be wholly accepted by the Left, but the Left dwindles and dries without martyrs. I

Exit at Any Expense

In the wake of Brexit, there is talk of many other countries following suit. Even Trump said his presidency would be 'like Brexit times 100.' Since he won, many of the very liberals who called Brexitists 'racist' are wanting to secede from the union, which would fulfill his prophecy, though probably not in the way he intended. 

Left Secession

Trump wants to secede in small, categorical ways. California wanting secession is the Left speeding up the process that most of the Right has always wanted anyway. The American Left is starting to get over its equation: Leftism=Globalism. Secession will soon no longer be associated with racism, but with collections of affinities. 

For people worried about the immigration issue, immigrants integrating into smaller, independent and sovereign communities would likely go a lot smoother.