You Be Eye I

Shane Eide

June 4, 2019


Shane Eide

July 1, 2018

Only a God Can Save Us Money

Shane Eide

June 18

Semi-Contractual Work

A good work model for the non-administrative working class, in my humble opinion, would be semi-contractual work. In other words, one would work in a specific warehouse/office or what have you, and upon arrival or per schedule, choose from a list of assignments that are paid different prices according to time and difficulty. 

Interpretations of Nihilism: Destructive vs. Active

'Nihilism' is an often stigmatized word in our culture.

But there is the argument that nihilism, functionally, can act as a dialectical tool to level incoherent precepts about the nature of reality down to constituent parts. Of course, people can take this too far to where even the constituent parts are done away with altogether, which leads one ultimately to the position that one can act as though no negative consequences to one's actions matter.