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Shane Eide

March 9, 2018

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January 3, 2017

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November 17, 207

The Unique and the Self

Shane Eide

November 3, 2017

Max Stirner's Ego As Spook

Some say that a writer's ideas should be separated from his life. Unfortunately, when you're dealing with ideas which are highly individualistic, we have little option but to assume that the laboratory of that writer's ideas was his own life.

Max Stirner turns the idea of the ego and property themselves into metaphysical principles. The ego, often regarded in psychology language as a terrible master, is reified as the center by which property is appropriated and into which meaning and value appear from and disappear into. Stirner declared, 'All things are nothing to me,' and that the world is full of 'spooks' or 'fixed ideas.' Not only is the world full of these spooks, but according to Stirner, it is haunted by them.

This idea seems radical at first, until we tease its utility from its actual content.