God and Guns 2

Shane Eide

July 6, 2018

The Non-Emanationist Model of Society

Shane Eide

July 3, 2018

Non-Ideological Politics As Tragic Politics

Ideologies, at one time or another, acted as solutions to very particular problems. They quickly become husks.

We want to put our ears up to them to try and hear the music of a dead world, but all one hears is the white noise of one's own ear hearing itself; the density of nothing.

Left and Right have captured moments in time and projected them into the future. The Left's vocabulary is now as unknowingly old as the Right always knew their own vocabulary was the moment heads in France began to roll. No one believes in a real proletariate anymore; this is why the critical theory culture of universities retreated years ago into the septic and all too simple realm of power/victim discourse in order to intellectually larp a new Marxism out of sight from the working class whom they alienated.