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Shane Eide

August 12, 2018

The Origin

It is hoped, in every nation state, that some final goal or eventuation will reveal itself when the conditions are just right, thus abrogating all injustices deemed necessary along the way. It is assumed that this final eventuation will be tied, as if metaphysically, to the origin, in the manner of a religious eschatology. But how many nation states truly had such mythic events to begin them? Revolutions have long defined the internal destiny of countries that were not fortunate enough to take their own shape but were forced to conform to the new model. 

A Threat to Our Democracy

The phrase, ‘Not the Russians' has been popping up frequently in defense of Wikileaks, the integrity of the 2016 Presidential Election, justice and our very democracy. A better defense of our democracy would be the phrase, ‘Even if the Russians did it.' 

Flaubert - Invisible Totems of the Modern World

Flaubert embodies the disappointed state of our modern sensibility. Both A Sentimental Education and Memoirs of a Madman depict characters who, despite our best wishes, we can't help but associate with the author. 

Esotericism and Singularity - Invisible Totems of the Modern World

It is with terrible haste and concision that culture, with the help of the internet, has been able to reach singularity concerning those anthropomorphic centers of hermeticism. 

On Appropriate Cultural Appropriation

The issue of cultural appropriation, as it has been contextualized in our society as of late, is not lacking in concern for those who are considered other. However, the question remains as to whether or not we can engage with and respect the other without clumsily utilizing ever piece of masochistic rhetoric in our grasp.