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November 9, 2017

Your Feelings Don't Matter

No one is coming to save you. Are you looking for a hug? You're better off asking for one. Grievance is dead. Victims are going to get victimized; it stops being a badge of distinction the moment the shameless victimizer enters the room. Victim narratives are self-eating proofs that the victimization taking place is a fiction. Real criminals don't apologize. They're only sorry they got caught. You don't ask them for apologies; you exile them or you fight them.

Don't waste your time with groups who preach 'social justice' and use violence and pig-headed arguments, nor with any nationalists who tell you your race is being oppressed by minorities--these are the same people. They are sick with the same disease. They need others to join them in their never ending fight against discomfort.

You love The Constitution? Good. But don't wave that in the air with a smirk when the enemy shows up at your door. They'll tear it up and cut you down just as fast.

You want rights for your group? Take them. Don't ask for everyone to love you. Your existence is a crime to some, a blessing to others; don't get too wrapped up in either one.

From now on, you are the master of your feelings. You decide what to do with them. No one else is waiting eagerly to caress them.

Anger lasts a moment and can ruin your entire life. Same with lust and jealousy. Escape the mania of me-dom; not to deny  your wellbeing, but to throw away that pair of affirmation-glasses which causes you to seek and seek hosts onto which you can latch and sap their energy. This need for affirmation is parasitic.

Rather, be like a tree firmly rooted in soil. It uses the weather to its advantage and pulls nutrients from deep below. It produces fruit when it can and rests in the winter, simply withstanding hardship. It adapts to change. It realizes that change is part of the fabric of life. It doesn't hold onto its fruit but offers it up to the earth when the time is right. It is not harmed when its fruit is taken, for it knows the seasons are ample for producing more.

Give freely in kindness without a single hope of compensation. Keep things for yourself unguiltily. If you have to fight, fight without reservation, even if there is no chance to win. Through this, you encourage bravery in others. When people curse you, let them shrink to the size of mice in your mind. Let their voices sound as incomprehensible to your ears as a rodent with that small of a mouth.

See patterns, but see aberrations, and the patterns which mask themselves as aberrations. Things are often more complex or simpler than we think they are.

Let your feelings be tools, tunes to your soul, even. Listen to them like music and learn from them like numbers, and then let them go their own way. This is real freedom; not finding people who feel sorry for you.