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Tracing the Lineage of a Radical Center

I've been interested for a while in a political Center which would be far more radical and removed from the 'centrism' claimed by moderate politicians of the establishment. The position I envisioned would be radical, not in its fusing of radical elements from both the Left and the Right, but in its reading and interpretation of history through the lense of an attitude of 'apoliteia,' along with emphasizing a theory of sovereignty designed for the projection of a configuration of society in which people could be 'freed from the political;' a phrase Marxists might suppose could only happen through a form of bureaucratic socialism as Zizek contends, Traditionalist conservatives might suppose  could only happen through tribal culture and the family unit, and anarchists will resolve themselves to experience in some Fleeting Autonomous Zone.

  Now, granted, each of these apolitical-political schemes might work for specific covenant communities, but the question remains, how do we get to this panarchial Garden of Eden in which radically different neighbors can share the same countryside without butchering and bombing one another? You've already gotten the question wrong if you suppose that your own favored form of sovereignty would be the best for every group.

Lao Tzu's Sovereign As Political Model

The sovereign of the Tao Te Ching can be thought of as a metaphor for many sets of phenomena in the world. Those agencies are best which merely tweak and fix small things here and there. The law works best as a means to keep people accountable to their word, not as a way to see to it that everything fits within a perfectly rigid formula. Stipulations and repeatable procedure can certainly keep society functioning, but society flourishes best if there are people who are able to fix things and smooth situations over before they can go wrong. You don't get this by taxing the rich (at least not eternally, as kitten-soft establishment socialists would want). 

Commune, Compound, Ranch, City-State

It's amusing just how one's philosophical, political and cultural affinities might incline one to call self sustaining properties which have essentially the same function by different names. Certainly, the outlier is the city-state, which may just require more resources and a more solid hierarchy to see itself sustained. 

Sort Of Owning Yourself

There's a distinction between 'belieiving' you own yourself and actually doing so. That's why I've often contended that anarchism sounds nice in a vacuum, but everyone is accountable to someone else or has others accountable to them. 

Democracy As a Good Way To Secede

From time to time on this blog, you'll read criticisms of democracy. Sometimes, in the past, I've offered the apology that democracy would be okay in a voluntary society in which everyone agreed on the terms that democracy was how they wanted things to be run. But my position lately, however, has been that even in a voluntary society, why would anyone volunteer that the majority would standardize an effect on one's life that one wouldn't otherwise have a reason to change our standardize? 

Personal Leadership

Our politicians are not people we know. They're not from down the block, they don't go to your church or go to the same library. They don't know your mechanic. You will never be able to call them on the telephone unless you have a lot of money or are somehow initiated into that world. 

Exit at Any Expense

In the wake of Brexit, there is talk of many other countries following suit. Even Trump said his presidency would be 'like Brexit times 100.' Since he won, many of the very liberals who called Brexitists 'racist' are wanting to secede from the union, which would fulfill his prophecy, though probably not in the way he intended.