War From Inside Out

As terrorist attacks continue, people get emotional and, as always when people get emotional, they put their attention in the wrong place and think in a foggy way. Radical Islam is A problem, but not THE problem. Every time there's a terrorist attack, people start pleading for a stop to immigration and to 'Build That Wall.'

The United States is currently in the growing pains of trying to figure out how to accomplish its goals through coercion but in such a way where they can get around the empires who actually have big enough weapons to crush us. We can't deal with Russia, China and North Korea directly, so we have to destabilize the countries that are on their way to being competitors in the world weapon market.

We do this, time and time again, by proxy. We allow rebels to do it for us, knowing they're going to fail when facing their respective government opposition, and then we get to blast all over the news that Syria and Libya are killing their own people, thus giving us a humanitarian excuse to 'intervene.'