Keith Preston Predicts Almost Everything

Shane Eide

June 11, 2018

The Startup Societies Foundation

Shane Eide

June 11, 2018

Catalonia's Independence and Interpretation

Catalonia's struggle for Independence is a far too belated venture, if anything. Having escaped the grips of fascism after Franco in the 1970's, they traded one obvious tyranny for a far more surreptitious one. 

Democracy As a Good Way To Secede

From time to time on this blog, you'll read criticisms of democracy. Sometimes, in the past, I've offered the apology that democracy would be okay in a voluntary society in which everyone agreed on the terms that democracy was how they wanted things to be run. But my position lately, however, has been that even in a voluntary society, why would anyone volunteer that the majority would standardize an effect on one's life that one wouldn't otherwise have a reason to change our standardize? 

Exit at Any Expense

In the wake of Brexit, there is talk of many other countries following suit. Even Trump said his presidency would be 'like Brexit times 100.' Since he won, many of the very liberals who called Brexitists 'racist' are wanting to secede from the union, which would fulfill his prophecy, though probably not in the way he intended. 

Left Secession

Trump wants to secede in small, categorical ways. California wanting secession is the Left speeding up the process that most of the Right has always wanted anyway. The American Left is starting to get over its equation: Leftism=Globalism. Secession will soon no longer be associated with racism, but with collections of affinities. 

For people worried about the immigration issue, immigrants integrating into smaller, independent and sovereign communities would likely go a lot smoother.