The Autarch

Shane Eide

November 20, 2017

Paying Attention To Yourself

Take a quick inventory of the things which most occupy your mind. You might find that you've been stuck on the same set of problems, hopes and fears for weeks at a time, perhaps longer. Certain thoughts are heavier than others. Not only are they heavy, but they loop back, over and over, keeping you from being calm otherwise and from completing tasks you otherwise would. 

Anarchy vs. Autarchy

Anarchism means something different depending on who one asks. It literally means 'no rulers,' while many emphasize its antagonism to the idea of 'the state.' Some are too lazy when it comes to defining 'state' and others are probably too hard headed when it comes to defining 'rule.' Some anarchists think that power itself shouldn't belong to any one person and are therefore against all hierarchies and all forms of positional leadership. Others simply think that all manners of social organization are permissible insofar as they are not coercive. But then, many people can't seem to agree on just what constitutes coercion.