Salons and Print

Social Media and the internet are dying, if not dead already. While most people will be wondering what's next, or trying to develop their own social media and internet platforms, one should remember the pamphleteers and the salons of previous centuries. While social media has certainly connected people to an unprecedented level, it is, at the end of the day, a business. 

If Zuckerberg Was President

Though adamantly denying any plans to run for office, Mark Zuckerburg gave a speech at Harvard, in which he divulged his vision for America:

'we can get a pretty good idea of what Zuckerberg would be politicking for if he were running for public office.

Taxes on the rich would be high. “There is something wrong with our system when I can leave here and make billions of dollars in 10 years while millions of students can’t afford to pay off their loans,” he said. “People like me should pay [for changes].”

Smile For Posterity

When one examines the faces of old photographs, those who shook and shaped history, one is helpless to interpret in them anything aside from pure weight. Behind the heaviness of brow, the sturdiness of mustache, an expression which pullulates with the force of its own sacrifice-vitality hypostasized into a function for the sake of world narrative. 

Vulgar Curiosities

I was once an open person. Just about everyone knew or had access to the personal information I would never dream of giving away now. For instance, people knew my name. Not only did they know my name but they knew what I looked like. If that wasn’t enough, they knew who my peers were, who my family was and who my friends were. They knew where I’d been, what I was doing and where I lived, also the places I’d lived in the past up to that point. Now, I am no longer open. I have retreated into myself. If someone greets me, wishes to shake my hand and know a few things about me, I might venture to tell them

Almighty Algorithm

The strange thing, they told me, was the algorithm didn’t seem to be getting much better at selecting relevant stories or reliable news sources. “I didn’t notice a change at all,” said one, who had worked on the team for close to a year.