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November 9, 2017

Does 'Tradition' Even Exist Anymore?


For the past while now, a corner of what you might call the 'dissident right' have been moving away from Republican style American, corporate, Christian values and have been moving more toward flirtation with a watered down Traditionalism, a la René Guenon and Julius Evola.

Even putting aside the many conceptual problems one runs into with Traditionalism, the right's use of it is mainly posturing. There's a comical degree to which an entirely apolitical literary movement could have framed the window dressing for a modern political movement; as though our current rabid, inundation with politics, if just focused on a little more for a little longer, will somehow lead us away from politics.

Was it one of the features of the age of Kali Yuga that Kali Yuga itself would amount to little more than something to rage against in comment sections on the internet like hipster Marxists do with capitalism? Traditionalism, ultimately,  is doomed, not because the past should not be recreated, but because it cannot be recreated. One might argue that history is cyclical, but if this were the case, it's highly unlikely that it is such because people have come together and decided they wanted to frame things,  both good and bad,  in the same way they happened before.  No, it's a matter of entropy, agencies and motifs which move on their own through history, recycling old movements and events under new names.

While it would be fun to prophecy that Marxists and Traditionalists would likely get along okay in their respective post-captial/golden age, they will more than likely continue their cartoony ideological beef in new and creative ways if the opportunity permitted them to extend their them beyond the realm of the internet. By turning their ideas into ideological fashion statements, they will simply miss the chance to genuinely extract any potential for new, reified meaning from the traditions they have no direct link to, but will turn them into passwords to what would amount to one more subculture among many in the a la carte  narrative menu of modernity.

Tradition is good to the degree that it works, but it is only good if it selects for what is good. We will not see our way out of the current catastrophes of the world by shopping for the coolest Norse and Hindu gods (a wholly consumerist approach to spirituality), nor will converting to Catholicism perturb the process of wishy-washyness which that church has been undergoing for the past 100 odd years.

The future will have to have its own traditions. You don't get their by disparaging the 'modern world' in the present and hoping it will all even out when the right cycle comes around. New traditions, I suspect, will forge themselves precisely in the crucible of modern crisis.

Catalonia's Independence and Interpretation

Catalonia's struggle for Independence is a far too belated venture, if anything. Having escaped the grips of fascism after Franco in the 1970's, they traded one obvious tyranny for a far more surreptitious one. 

Semi-Contractual Work

A good work model for the non-administrative working class, in my humble opinion, would be semi-contractual work. In other words, one would work in a specific warehouse/office or what have you, and upon arrival or per schedule, choose from a list of assignments that are paid different prices according to time and difficulty. 

Talk First

This is always a better solution to civil war, even if they spoke past one another and often failed to meet each other's points. 

Beyond Political Extremes

Political ideologies fail and triumph to the degrees they do because they are not the result of reason. They are always fueled by emotion; especially ideologies which require the frenzy of the masses to execute their most violent features, as in communism, democracy and fascism. Exegesis are created which focus on the sacred element which will tug on a group's heartstrings. The economy can be manipulated if the worker is exalted. The individual can be manipulated if the culture is exalted. When people talk about freedom, they usually mean freedom for one group to make decisions and the rest to stay quiet lest they get what little they have taken away. 

Streetlights and Straightjackets

Streetlights manage the flow of human movement. For every one that is green and let's us go, there is a red one stopping someone else. How long will it be before people become fed up with having to wait at these red lights while others have the privilege of moving ahead? People will not be satisfied to wait while others move. 

The Economics of Tragedy

Economic tragedies rest ever suspended over us in intervals between the moments in which they explode. Bataille's embrace of the tragic sense of the economy is as anti-utopian as it is ‘life affirming'-a Nietzscheanism without which Bataille would not be possible. But then, Bataille is not possible without De Sade either. Within De Sade's work is a key to understanding a system of exchange which throws aside the victimary moralisms socialism requires to dress itself as an utopian ideology whilst enjoying the same unencumbered power plays. 

The Non-Aggression Principle As Aggression

So many manners, so many ceremonial gestures have been devoted precisely to the exclusion of large groups of people. It is all the better if a swifter exclusion can be measured economically. It is no mystery that one needs not have an ounce of culture in order to have money, but then, money becomes its own singular culture. Just as socialism requires that one man care about the well-being of another to give a piece of his portion to him, a truly free market, if it is to be more than a metaphor, requires that each man not pay for some violence to be done to another man on his behalf. But wherever there exist men who want to commit violence and men who want violence done but couldn't be bothered to do it themselves, the monetization of violence will take place. 

The Demonic Newsreel #1

An exercise in nonsequitor in which dire circumstances are treated with the utmost flippancy. 

Encyclopedia of the Current Year

Alt-Right: Neo-Right Hegelians who think they're Nietzscheans.

Socialism: Globalist welfare liberalism.

Anarchism: Socialism.

Communist: A bureaucratic global feudalist.

Transhumanism: Digital Buddhism.

Libertarianism: Anarcho-Statism.

Anarcho-Capitalism: National Stigmergic Socialism.

Antifascism: Fascism without central authority.

Social Justice: Paternal state-ism.

Neoreaction: Bureaucratic  techno libertarian aristocratism.