Gun Control and the Psychology of the Left

Shane Eide

November 15, 2017

Is He a Terrorist or Is He White?


It's painfully head-spinning how quickly the constituent cultural narratives on guns will adjust to a) alienate the other side and b), confuse its own internal mechanics, often, in favor of the official narrative. Does anyone remember how eager the Right was to name the Orlando shooter a Muslim terrorist and how reluctant the media was? The Left is, bizarrely, now as eager to name the shooter a terrorist for the sake of strengthening gun control as the Right has been eager to name shooters terrorists in the past for the sake of tightening immigration. Both narratives can only ever lead to the strengthening of the state in the long run.

Isis and Antifa as the Useful Idiots of Globalism

Resisting terror is like trying not to fall asleep. One columnist thinks it is this simple:

'And all over London last night, after the attack, for many hours, people continued to laugh, to chat, to drink, to dance. Not because they didn’t care. Many of them undoubtedly spent many minutes texting, calling, getting in touch with friends to find out if they were safe. But they carried on living their lives. They weren’t scared or cowed by terrorist fanatics who want them to feel burning terror and fear in every waking moment that they have, to steal away their happiness and their security.

What would have been the alternative? For London’s pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs to all empty as their patrons fled home in terror? To bolt their doors, to stay inside, to venture outside only when necessary, eyeing suspiciously everything and anything?

Today, London carries on. It is quiet by London-standards because it’s a Sunday. There are people in the parks. Some have gone for a swim. Others have taken their kids out. Others are in the pub, drinking: I can see them from my windows. Others are watching box sets at home. Their lives are continuing.

War From Inside Out

As terrorist attacks continue, people get emotional and, as always when people get emotional, they put their attention in the wrong place and think in a foggy way. Radical Islam is A problem, but not THE problem. Every time there's a terrorist attack, people start pleading for a stop to immigration and to 'Build That Wall.'

The United States is currently in the growing pains of trying to figure out how to accomplish its goals through coercion but in such a way where they can get around the empires who actually have big enough weapons to crush us. We can't deal with Russia, China and North Korea directly, so we have to destabilize the countries that are on their way to being competitors in the world weapon market.

We do this, time and time again, by proxy. We allow rebels to do it for us, knowing they're going to fail when facing their respective government opposition, and then we get to blast all over the news that Syria and Libya are killing their own people, thus giving us a humanitarian excuse to 'intervene.'